vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Felix is at home

le travail de Mr Patrick SEGUI, toujours aussi pointu,bravo et merci!!

jeudi 3 novembre 2011

USMC Boondockers

it's time to change!! My old roughout (made by at the front) by an Usmc repro (made by WWII impressions) great shoes, and good color.
I see , recently a pair of vintage one and look and design are similar , but I'm not a "specialiste" for this shoes.The finishes are better than those of at the front.

At the front one after 6/7 years...

mercredi 2 novembre 2011


 my grandmother (left) and her sister  1920...Dordogne
 My grandfather 1910//1920 Auvergne,

 my grandfather in 1930 ...