vendredi 31 juillet 2009


New model, the S03XX with the 12 fabric
the denim is not too heavy, like an WWII 501S.
High quality denim and all details is great in this standard X03 model.
We have the choice in 10 models of fabric pocket, I take a traditionnal herringbone

More details:



and me:

Thanks to Ryo and hiro of Ooe YOFUKUTEN &CO. for the job, the packaging,
kindness and patience with me...

mardi 21 juillet 2009


you want to take my denim!!
2901XX Ooe in progress

dimanche 19 juillet 2009

Wesco Jobmaster

The Wesco jobmaster is the first pair of work shoes I have buying after the traditionnal redwing, and when you see the work, the leather , the finitions, you known what great work boots is...

This is the traditionnal lace to toe 10' inch brown (oiled) leather, but I don't oiled them from a long time, and now, I prefere this configuration more "urban", the sole is a traditionnal 430 vibram , good shoes from long wearing...

mercredi 15 juillet 2009


Workers... little Japan Manufacturer, this production is based from originals items.
The products are perfects, the 2 models of shirts I have are great and highest in quality, the fitting is "original & japanese"!! (you can read small & fit!!)
the first shirt is really a worker's shirt Black fabric with orange stiching, This shirt is based from Milton F Goodman Shirt,high and durable, all in this shirt is thinking from the durability, triple stiching,perfect fit, heavy fabric.

The second shirt is a beautiful polka dot shirt, with intersting "details", pocket, buttons...

The fabric is a great cotton, not too heavy, very great and easy wearable...

Front pocket detail polka dots model