dimanche 19 juillet 2009

Wesco Jobmaster

The Wesco jobmaster is the first pair of work shoes I have buying after the traditionnal redwing, and when you see the work, the leather , the finitions, you known what great work boots is...

This is the traditionnal lace to toe 10' inch brown (oiled) leather, but I don't oiled them from a long time, and now, I prefere this configuration more "urban", the sole is a traditionnal 430 vibram , good shoes from long wearing...

1 commentaire:

Mothfighter a dit…

Hello Mr C, Nice Blog.
Very nice boots, those Jobmasters.
Can I ask you about sizing?
I'm interested in Jobmasters to,
and wear Euro size42, USA 9.
Can I take my own size (9),
or do you have to downsize
like for instance with my Redwing GT's?